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Here you can find a current release schedule for Atlantean Publishing's regular 'zines, and lists of the other publications due very soon or in the coming months.

Publication schedule


Monomyth appears twice per year (usually around the middle and towards the end).
The Supplement will appear in March, June, September and November.
Awen will appear in February, May, August and November.
Garbaj is returning to regularity, with issues scheduled for January, April, July and October.
Bard appears at the approximate rate of one per month.


The Bards: new instalments appear about three times a year.
Yellow Leaves is looking to average a couple of issues per year so far.
Xothic Sathlattae is also likely to see two or three new issues per annum.
Xmas Bards appears annually in (of course) December.


Booklets, anthologies, etc. appear irregularly — see below for any presently scheduled.

  • Please note that if you're due to receive two or more titles from the above in quick succession, we will do our best to send them together to save on postage costs — so some publications may not come exactly when advertised, to allow for the wait for a bundle to be ready to send out.
  • If you are an annual subscriber to any of our 'zines, or a Season Ticket holder (see details for more), then if our output should drop below our regular minimum for any reason during the period of your subscription, it will be extended by an appropriate number of months to make up any shortfall.

Coming soon

The following should be appearing in the coming months!

Yellow Leaves and Xothic Sathlattae
New issues of both our recently-established
series of broadsides, each dealing with the
mystery and horror of their respective Mythos,
should bubble to the surface later in 2016...

More coming soon

Christmas Chillers IV
A long-in-the-making fourth volume of scary
festive stories will be released in late 2016.

Xmas Bards
Look out for a 2016 instalment in the annual festive
poetry collections from individual authors.

Great War III
A second collection of poetry and fiction on the
subject of the First World War is intended
for release in September/October 2016.

Tunnels Anthology
Horror, mystery, action and adventure
beneath the ground is the subject of another
intended release in 2016.

Several other collections are on the drawing board...

The Dark Tower Volume 5
A sixth instalment in The Dark Tower series is set to appear in in 2016.

See Current Requirements for submission guidelines.

More poetry from Aeronwy Dafies,

DS Davidson and DJ Tyrer

Look out for more booklets from these three in the next year.

I Dreamt I was A Poet

Poetry collections by Stacey Law - coming in 2016.

The King In Yellow
A revised and extended paperback reissue of this classic anthology will be released in late 2016. Submissions are currently being sought.

Get involved with our future plans!

Writers, artists and feedback are required, for further projects still presently on the drawing board...
See Current Requirements for publications still in the development stages – including several of those listed just above – which are in need of submissions of content (stories, poetry, artwork, etc.) and also, in some cases, of feedback on their planned themes and direction before their outlines are set in stone.

What's available from Atlantean Publishing
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