Writer of Yellow Mythos tales. He co-edited an anthology of Steampunk Cthulhu fiction for Chaosium and has contributed to Cyaegha. He should not be confused with Glynn Edgar Symonds.


Fiction BookletsEdit

Appearances in Atlantean publicationsEdit

Prose FictionEdit

Monomyth 8.2Edit

  • Pallid Apocalypse (reprinted in booklet)
    The Phantom of Truth2variant1

    Alternative, colour version of cover image from The Phantom Of Truth.

Monomyth 9.1Edit

Monomyth 12.1Edit


Bard 77Edit


Monomyth 9.1Edit

  • The Phantom Of Truth (reused as booklet cover)

The Phantom Of TruthEdit

  • Cover

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