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Atlantean Publishing welcomes submissions from anyone anywhere in the world via post or email. If you would like to contribute anything for possible inclusion, please read these Guidelines for Submissions carefully first.

Please be aware that we are closed will be closed to all submissions during December/January and July/August.

To summarise - the main things to remember are to include your name and address on your submission and a SAE or contact email so that we can respond to you and send you your complimentary copy. Everything else is detail! (But, conforming to our guidelines does make the process more efficient for everyone.)

  1. Atlantean Publishing accepts submissions of short fiction, poetry and articles/reviews by post and by email. Our contact details can be found below and on the Main Page — any queries are most welcome.
  2. We are always looking for artwork for covers and fillers for our various publications (Monomyth, Bard, our anthologies, booklets and broadsides) as well, although due to technical issues art should ideally be sent via post and not by email — we are happy to receive copies rather than originals. Previously published work is acceptable. Work should be reproducible in black & white and should be supplied in an easily scannable form: at least 1cm white margin on all sides, free of paper edges, writing, frames, other art, etc. We are also keen to hear from artists interested in illustrating fiction and poetry.
  3. As long as you retain the rights to your work, we are happy to receive submissions of previously-published work (reprints). But, please do let us know when and where it was published so that we can decide how soon to run it.
  4. Our different magazines, anthologies and booklets have different requirements regarding length and theme, but you may find it best to submit generally so that we can find the best place for your submission.
  5. We are always happy to receive general submissions. However, at any given time there are usually one or more specific subjects that we are looking to feature in upcoming publications: see details of current submissions calls, where any present plans are outlined.
  6. If submitting by email, please indicate the type of submission (such as art, fiction, poetry, review, article, letter of comment, etc) or the anthology it is intended for. If submitting by post, please indicate the submission type or anthology at the top of your covering letter.
  7. As a whole, the press is open to all but the most epic-length poetry and fiction up to about 10,000 words, although under 5000 is more likely to be published, due to the constraints of space. There is no minimum length for submissions (indeed, very short pieces are always useful for filling odd corners!). However, specific projects may have specific requirements.
  8. There is no limit on the number of poems or stories that you can submit at any one time, although smaller numbers will tend to be replied to more quickly.
  9. Copyright remains with the author. All we require is one time publication rights. Where possible, we do ask that work isn't published elsewhere while on our files or within six months (preferably a year) of publication. Remember that unpublished work submitted to us will be licensing First British Serial Rights (First Electronic Serial Rights if published in electronic form) and that some publishers will regard the piece as having licensed First International Serial Rights as we have readers around the world: this will mean that future publication will be as a reprint. As noted above, we are happy to accept reprints as long as you retain the rights to your work (we take no responsibility if you submit a piece in violation of a contract elsewhere - all submissions are accepted in good faith).
  10. We are not very fussy about manuscripts' layout, although they must be legible if you want us to read them (so, if you want to send a handwritten ms. do it very neatly!) and those with at least passable spelling and grammar will have a better chance of being accepted.
  11. If you are submitting by email please cut-and-paste or type the submissions into the body of the email — do not send them as attachments.
  12. If you are submitting by post please ensure that you have included either a stamped, self-addressed envelope (SSAE) or an email address so that we can respond to your submission — and please make sure the postage is sufficient on both the submission envelope and the SSAE. If submitting from outside the UK, please enclose a self-addressed envelope + US$2 for postage.
  13. Please always remember to include your name and address on every submission, as otherwise we will be unable to acknowledge your authorship with a by-line or send your complimentary copy to you. Too many people, especially with emails, forget to do so — requiring a lot of time and hassle to try and track them down!
  14. Remember, when submitting via the post always retain a copy of your work.
  15. If you are uncertain as to whether or not your work will be suitable, please feel free to send a query letter or email.
  16. All submissions are made at your own risk and responsibility and we take no responsibility for lost submissions or replies, the failure to update contact details or submissions made without the correct ownership or rights. If a contributor is under 18, they should have parental/guardian consent to submit, but we take no responsibility for checking the age or competence of contributors.
  17. Please note that we are closed to submissions each December and January! We will also be closed during July and August. (Submissions to specific calls, letters of comment and orders will still be accepted during these periods.)
  18. Although we endeavour to respond to all submissions and queries as soon as possible, we cannot guarantee how long a response will take. By adhering to these guidelines, you can help speed up the process. If querying a submission, please provide as much information as possible as to what it was and when it was submitted to speed any search. We do understand that having a submission caught in the inpile for a long time is annoying and will not penalise anyone who wishes to withdraw work from consideration for any reason (again, please provide us with all necessary details to locate and remove your work).
  19. If you need to request to withdraw accepted work for any reason, please do so as soon as possible. If a piece has been accepted for a magazine or the general pile without a specific publication date, there should be no problem. Withdrawal from a magazine or collection within six months of intended publication may not be feasible except under exceptional circumstances and withdrawal will not be possible if the publication process has already begun.
  20. If you have any queries about the process of submitting to Atlantean, it may be worth seeing also our FAQ (Submissions).

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Submitting content to Atlantean Publishing
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