Iraq Monologues

Iraq Monologues is an A5 booklet-format poetry collection by Gary Beck, consisting of the Iraq Monologues poetry cycle. It was published in December 2012, with a cover designed by David Leverton, although overseas copies only shipped in January 2013.

Available to order.

Iraq Monologues poetry cycleEdit

This is a sequence of ten poems by Gary Beck, of which each gives a different perspective on the situation in Iraq since the occupation of that country post-2003.

The poems, each named for the viewpoint character narrating, are:

  1. GI
  2. Sunni
  3. Shia
  4. Kurd
  5. al Qaeda
  6. Mahdi Army
  7. Bedouin
  8. British Officer
  9. Sunni Mother
  10. Shia Girl

Poet CommentEdit

"You made a fine chapbook"
— Gary Beck

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