Monomyth Issue 11 (Yearbook 1997)Edit

The eleventh issue of Monomyth was published in December 1997 and featured a cover by Ian O'Reilly. As a Yearbook, it was unnumbered but remained in sequence as far as continuing serials were concerned, leading to the later Numbering Confusion.

List of contentsEdit


  • This was the first issue in which DJ Tyrer was credited as DJ rather than David Tyrer.
  • This was the first issue to include contributors other than the Founding Editors.
  • This was the first issue to feature reprints and Richard Burman was the lucky chap whose cover and story had been voted best in the first Monomyth Vote and saw them reprinted here.
  • This is the only issue other than volume 3.1 to feature two parts of a single serial.
  • This is the first issue to feature Monomirth, which was, in many ways, a precursor to Garbaj.
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