Out Of The Vortex cover

Out of the Vortex is an A4 anthology of Doctor Who-inspired short stories by DJ Tyrer, produced to celebrate the famous BBC science-fiction programme's 40th anniversary in 2003. Each of the (then) eight incarnations of The Doctor are represented in different tales across the collection, as well as a couple of Doctor-less stories.


The title comes ultimately from the (Time) Vortex, a name used within the show for the extradimensional conduit, outside of spacetime, through which the Doctor's TARDIS travels throughout the universe and to the past and future. More directly, though, it alludes to The Vortex, the section within Monomyth for Doctor Who fiction, which ran from volume 2.1 to volume 2.11.

Cover ArtEdit

This utilised an old illustration by David Leverton, originally drawn for a 'Time'-themed issue of Monomyth – which never came to pass thanks to the magazine entering its long period of hiatus, and post-hiatus issues abandoning the previously scheduled themes.




A decade on, a sequel volume was released to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, comprising more of the same author's Who-inspired fiction and poetry: Out Of The Vortex II: End Times.

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