Contributor to several Atlantean publications.


Fiction Booklets and collectionsEdit

Appearances in Atlantean publicationsEdit


Awen 78Edit

Awen 79Edit

Awen 80Edit

Awen 81Edit

Awen 84Edit

Awen 87 Edit

Bard 139Edit

Bard 154 Edit

Garbaj 50Edit

Monomyth 60 Edit

Apocalypse : Poetry from the End of the WorldEdit

Mars: Poetry and Fiction from the Red Planet Edit

Prose FictionEdit

Awen 75Edit

Awen 80Edit

Awen 82Edit

Awen 85 Edit

Garbaj 54Edit

Monomyth 33Edit

Monomyth 40Edit

Monomyth 42Edit

Monomyth 43Edit

Monomyth 44Edit

Monomyth 45Edit

Monomyth 46Edit

Monomyth 50Edit

Monomyth 53Edit

Monomyth 56 Edit

Monomyth 57 Edit

Monomyth 59 Edit

Monomyth 60 Edit


The Supplement 61Edit

The Supplement 63Edit

The Supplement 73 Edit


Monomyth 44Edit

Monomyth 45Edit

Monomyth 50Edit

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