Regular contributor to Atlantean Publishing, especially The Supplement's letter pages, and a prominent SF poet; Steve Sneyd has edited the Data Dump newsletter, which covers genre poetry, since 1991. Genre poetry is also the speciality of his Hilltop Press, and, naturally, he judges the annual Data Dump Award. Although best known as a poet, he has made the occasional prose fiction outing, and has written numerous reviews and articles. He was the Featured Poet in Monomyth 25.

A copywriter-turned-creative writing tutor, Steve Sneyd's work has appeared in 1000-plus magazines, anthologies, etc, worldwide, as well appearing online and being heard on Radio Four's Stanza on Stage Poetry in Space special. Steve has read his work at the SF event of National Year of Literature (UK), Newham Libraries SF Festival, various SF conventions, etc. His many books and articles about SF poetry include interviews with Aldiss, Moorcock and Zelazny. He edited the SF poetry anthology Dreamers on the Sea of Fate (Sol Publications, 1999). He has been a member of the Science Fiction Poetry Association since the '70s.

Amongst his poetry collections are :

  • Bad News From The Stars (Ocean View Books, USA)
  • In Coils of Earthen Hold (Salzburg University)
  • Gestaltmacher, Gestaltmacher, Make Me A Gestalt (Four Quarters Press, UK)
  • Mistaking The Nature of Posthuman (Hilltop Press)

Awards Edit

Rhysling Award Edit

Appearances in Atlantean publicationsEdit


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The Dark Tower, Volume Five: Towers of TimeEdit

Mars: Poetry and Fiction from the Red Planet

Awen 86Edit

Awen 87 Edit

Monomyth 53Edit

Monomyth 57 Edit

Reviewed In Atlantean PublishingEdit

Reviews of Steve's work have appeared in the following issues :

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