The Atlantean

The Atlantean: Collected Haiku is an A5 poetry booklet, published in 2008. It compiles all the non-Reissian haiku of DJ Tyrer thus far published, together with nine new additions — comprising nearly 90 haiku in all.

Cover art: The Fall Of Atlantis by Ian Brown, originally the cover illustration for Monomyth issue 33.

Available to order.



The poems are mostly untitled individually, but are divided into the following sequence of categories:

  • Fortean (8 haiku)
  • History (2 haiku)
  • Old Leigh (2 haiku)
  • Love (2 haiku)
  • People and Daily Life (18 haiku)
  • Christmas (7 haiku)
  • Politics, Society and War (11 haiku)
  • Crime (4 haiku)
  • Science and Philosophy (3 haiku)
  • Harry Potter (2 haiku)
  • Horror (6 haiku)
  • Nature (9 haiku)
  • Miscellaneous (3 haiku)
  • Creativity (3 haiku)
  • New Haiku (9 haiku)

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