The End Of The World
The End of the World is a prose fiction booklet featuring three stories by Pamela Harvey, with cover and internal illustrations by Alan Hunter. Released in March 2012.

Available to order.



"Three very short, entertaining and imaginative stories that exercise the mind." — review in Carillon.


  • Although the year of publication given inside the front of the booklet is correct, the back cover gives the copyright date incorrectly as '2011'.
  • This was one of the first two booklets (along with the third edition of Arcady) to go out with the new Atlantean 'A' logo on its back cover.
  • This collection is not the same as the admittedly similarly-named poetry booklet published later the same year, Apocalypse: Poetry from the End of the World – though the author does also have a poem printed in the latter!

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