Spoof term (derived from The Cartmel Masterplan) for the Doctor Who metaplot devised by DJ Tyrer, DS Davidson and (to a lesser extent) Richard Burman for their fan fiction. It was heavily influenced by Faction Paradox. The main focus was on Alban and his moral downfall, with elements of the Old Time coming back to haunt the present and the fate of Gallifrey playing major roles. Another strand focused on Romana. Although not directly linked to the concept of a metaplot, there was a deliberate decision to interweave continuity references (both from the series and other stories by the authors, as well as unrelated elements such as Ken Longman) to create an ever-evolving and interlinked storyline. Although it was intended for stories to remain standalone in general terms, it was hoped that regular readers would be rewarded by these various tidbits and hints of a larger background plot.

It should be not be confused by various other masterplans devised by DJ Tyrer for the press.

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