Yog-Sothoth couleur

You can see why he's such a hit with the ladies! (Source : Wikipedia)

Yog-Sothoth is an Old One or Outer God, and a creation of HP Lovecraft. Has been known to impregnate human females, at least in Dunwich...

The Great IntelligenceEdit

The Great Intelligence, in the Doctor Who canon, was an alien being of pure thought that was – later – identified with Yog-Sothoth. It is best known for being served by mechanical Yeti.

DJ Tyrer created an initially separate being, known variously as Morion, The Render of the Veils and The Zeitgeist, which was later also folded into Yog-Sothoth/The Great Intelligence. The Render of the Veils was one of the Menti Celesti worshipped during the Old Time on Gallifrey.

Appearances in Atlantean Publishing fictionEdit

Appearances of Yeti aloneEdit

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